• Feb 29 & Mar 1, 2024


WATMAN International Conference Topics

Track 1 - Industries

The Latest Advances & Opportunities in Desalination Technologies

Zero Liquid Discharge Systems for Sustainable Industrial 
Effluent Management

Techniques to Reduce Industrial Pollutants in Water Bodies

Energy Recovery & Power Resource from Water & Wastewater Systems

New Techniques Industrial Wastewater Membrane Processes MF/UF/NF/RO

Use of AI, IoT, Automation and Process Control Instrumentation for Wastewater Treatment

Eco-efficient Solutions to Reduce Wastewater Impacts

Recycling & Resources Recovery from Industrial Wastewater

New Approaches in Industrial Effluent and Sludge Management

Optimised Use of Energy from Sludge

Track 2 – Public Utilities

Innovations in Water & Sanitation Treatment Systems

Water/ Wastewater Monitoring Techniques for Water Pollution & 
Quality Control

Smart Technologies to Attain Sustainable Water: Resource Management, Sanitation & Centralized and Decentralized Water Supply Systems

Strategies for Lake Restoration: Eco-solutions, Chemical & 
Biological Activities

The need for Large WWTPs for the Future Growth of Cities

Overview of Pretreatment Strategies for Sewage Sludge Disintegration

Sustainability Systems

Challenges for Municipal Wastewater Management

Water in Circular Economy

Improving Water Security