• Feb 29 & Mar 1, 2024


About WATMAN International Conference

WATMAN International Conference focuses on various issues confronting the water and wastewater industry. The WATMAN International Conference presents the latest scientific advances and practical applications in water and wastewater treatment, cutting across a wide range of industries, technologies, and functional areas.

Over the years, the themes of the WATMAN International Conference have covered critical issues that are the need of the hour. The conference provides a unique opportunity for professionals worldwide to learn, share and present the latest findings and insights regarding the water and wastewater management industry, preparedness and functioning in water-scarce environments, industrial effluent management, wastewater management, wastewater treatment technologies and water reclamation. Today it showcases the shift towards the latest treatment technologies, purification methods, management techniques, operation & maintenance, and remote monitoring – the entire gamut of water & wastewater management.

Theme & Special Focus

The increasing demand for material and energy resources from wastewater management represents a major challenge for industrial effluent, public health and economic development. Both wastewater reuse and sludge reduction represent suitable choices to move towards a sustainable approach to integrated urban water management.

However, some current technologies in existing wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) are not able to remove fully or partially “new” pollutants, such as contaminants of emerging concern. These compounds could be released in the environment, involving serious effects on the aquatic environment and on human health.

Therefore, advanced treatment technologies have been sought to find solutions supporting sustainable approaches in wastewater management. Authors are invited to submit original research and technical presentations focusing on this area. Innovations for Clean Water Solutions and Sustainable Future

Previous Keynote Speakers

Mr. Sajid Hussain

Dr Indra Mitra

Mr Rajneesh Chopra

​Dr S Kanmani

Mr. Ajay Popat

Mr Dilip Sharma

Mr Chrys Fernandes

Mr Prakash Shanmugam

Mr. Ravindra Yeleswarapu

Mr Ashwin Pandya

Mr. Sharad Gollerkeri

Mr Kamal Tiwari