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WATMAN International Conference Topics

Track 1 – Industrial Innovations & Technologies

Track 2 – Public Sector Water Infrastructure & Planning 

Trends in Desalination Technologies

Sustainable Solutions for River Rejuvenation

Latest Innovations in Membrane Processes

Water Reclamation & Reuse in Present Day & the Future

Centralised & Decentralised – A Better Choice for

Urban Water Supply Systems

Issues, Challenges, Opportunities & Way Forward in CETP Performance

Effluent Recycle & Reuse in Effluent Treatment Plants

Governance & Monitoring of Wastewater Discharges

Novel Approaches for Wastewater Treatment &

Resource Recovery

Smart Wastewater Management in Smart Cities

Challenges of sustainable water quality management in rural India

Nonrevenue Water, Leakage Management & Intermittent Water Supply

New & Emerging Water Treatment Technologies

Strategies for Integrated Urban & Rural Water Management

Water Reuse & its Role in Circular Economy

Clean Water and Sanitation – An Urgent Call for Action

India’s Transition to Net Zero

Tackling Water Distribution System Challenges in Urban India

Optimising Filter Performance & Maintenance

The Need for Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants

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